Stephen Hawking

What Can We Learn From Stephen Hawking?

Who is Stephen Hawking

Stephen William Hawking was a British author, cosmologist, and theoretical physicist. In his last years, he was doing the job as a research director at the University of Cambridge. He also served as a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge.


Stephen Hawking is the writer of best-selling books. One of the most famous books includes “ A brief history of time: From the big bang to black Holes”. He discovered Black holes in 1974 and proposed a theory that black holes emit subatomic particles until they explode.

What we can learn from Stephen Hawking?

If you watched the show Black Mirror’s season 4 episode, “The Entire History of You”, the brief scene featuring Stephen Hawking is unlikely to be forgotten soon. Hawking seemed confident in an Ayn Rand-like demeanor and was a passionate advocate of the concept of personal liberty, something which the fictional character of Marjorie Best as played by Maya Thurman-Hawke never really had to deal with.

It would be too much to go into the details about Stephen Hawking’s life or even the enormous scope of his work. His famous work A Brief History of Time, as brilliant a summary of the history of the universe as one could have hoped for, has been devoured by geeks since it was first published and would doubtless be an awe-inspiring read for most layman scientists. One thing we are unlikely to have been able to grasp completely, however, is Hawking’s optimism about the future of humankind.

That’s where a handful of these eight uplifting quotes, and several videos, come in handy. They seem like something straight out of science fiction, and we know how difficult it is for science fiction to reconcile the real world with its stories, but here are some words of wisdom that might just help us understand the difficulties we may have to overcome and gain a tiny bit of hope in a world that seems to have lost its way.

Stephen Hawking, from 2016.

“As far as we know, the laws of physics can be rewritten in any way. But the human mind can go only so far. People like me are the future of the human race. There are things we can only do in our lifetime. And if we don’t go and do them, then the human race is doomed.”

—Stephen Hawking

“All I can say is, if I were given a single life to live over again, I wouldn’t choose to go back in time. I mean, who would choose to go back in time? But if I were given a chance to live over again, I would have liked to live in this time – we live in very exciting times. We know more about physics and computers than ever before. The future, it is what we make of it. We have to make of it something good.”

—Stephen Hawking

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

—Stephen Hawking

“People ask me how I have had so long to live. I say, ‘I have lived forever, since the day I was born.”

—Stephen Hawking

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.”

—Stephen Hawking

“Anything can happen. When I was told I had motor neuron disease, I was given two years to live. Now it’s 34 years later, and I’m still here. That’s proof that you should never give up.”

—Stephen Hawking

“And remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.”

—Stephen Hawking

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Walter Disney

What Can We Learn From Walter Elias Disney? [Key Lessons From His Life]

Who is Walter Elias Disney

An American businessman animator, artist, voice actor & filmmaker, Walter Elias Disney was a multitalented person. He initiated many innovations in the making of cartoons as a founder of the American film industry.


During his career, he received 22 Academy Awards, and he’s known as the founder of Disneyland & Walt Disney World theme parks.

What should we learn from him?

1. Do What You Love

One of the most vital lessons you can learn is to do what you cherish. He always did what he wanted. Animation and filmmaking were his passion. He persuaded his passion as a career.

2. Take What You Do Seriously

He often took what he did seriously because whenever Walt Disney created his animations with the emphasis of a lion stalking his prey, he always paid attention to the details and took extreme caution in dealing with things. He never took for granted art and creativity.

At his studio, you would have never noticed Walt Disney just goofing off and thinking about work on his projects; he thoroughly took the lead when it came to doing what he enjoyed and never put his interest on the back burner.

3. Never Just Settle With Your First Success

One aspect that you would assuredly recognize about Walt Disney is that he would instantly embark on another venture after one achievement. Disney quickly went to work on some other feature films including “Bambi”, “Fantasia” and several others after completing his iconic film “Snow White” as well as the “Seven Dwarves”. Disney didn’t just end creating after making Mickey Mouse. Instead, for the present era, he continued on and created Donald Duck, Pluto, and several other famous characters. He was never delighted with what he had achieved because, with his aspirations, he nevertheless wanted to do more and develop.

4. Don’t Let Obstacles Stop You

When Walt Disney began working on Snow White for the first time, his wife and brother did their best to urge him to quit. The Snow White project was even dubbed “Disney’s Folly” and he ran out of cash halfway through development to complete the process.

Most people would do nothing but leave in this circumstance and get everything they can out of what’s remaining, but he stayed strong for Disney. In hopes of financing his movie, he planned to travel around and present videos of the raw movie to producers; his attempt was ultimately what rescued his studio and enabled him to complete the classic Snow White movie.

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Bill Gates

What Can We Learn From Bill Gates?

Who is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates is one of the most popular entrepreneurs of this era. He started the innovation in technology by launching a software company. He is one of the renowned philanthropists, investors, and magnates. He is so renowned because he is the co-founder of Microsoft.


He earned the title of the richest man in the world. He became one of the biggest businessmen in the world. His journey is no less than a roller coaster that you are going to learn about.

What should we learn from him?

1. Move Fast and Keep Innovating

To remain competitive in a populated start-up globe, you must move faster and focus on technological growth. That’s what Bill Gates did, and wants new professionals to follow. Bill Gates holds, “The most critical problem of speed often isn’t technical but cultural. It convinces everybody that the survival of the company varies depending on moving as rapidly as feasible.”

2. Think Ahead of the Time

To continue living one step ahead of your competitors, you need to foresee the future and start preparing for it in advance. Bill Gates’ achievement depends in part on his wide variety of experiences. Because of this, Microsoft has always been one step ahead of its competitors. Even when he retired, he had been looking ahead of his time. In his PC Publication exit interview, he predicted that smartphones, Internet TVs, and a normal user interface would become more popular in the generations to follow, and history is proof of his sayings being right.

3. Your time is precious

Bill Gates very often teaches entrepreneurs the importance of time to refrain from wilting away their valuable hours of work. This is why he promotes entrepreneurs to pick their battles intelligently. Even the wealthiest men on the planet can’t purchase time, as one of his quotes suggests, “No matter how much money you have, you can’t buy more time.” This reflects on how precious time is.

4. Learn From Your Mistakes

When it comes to failing, Bill Gates shows that you should deal with failure strongly by learning from it, making a conscious decision, and moving on rather than moaning and giving it up. One of his memorable lines, “It’s okay to celebrate success, but it’s more essential to heed the basic lessons of failure.” reflects his approach to dealing with failures in his life.

So according to Bill Gates, failure is as essential as achievement, as it ends up taking you back to the drawing board and allows you to analyze the gaps and causes of failure. As a result, people can fix these issues and avoid making mistakes once more, but this is not really possible if you achieve success.

5. Never Give Up

No matter how tough the situations seem, if you’d like to achieve success, you must hold on. Failure is a portion of entrepreneurial life and has even impacted the world’s largest investor. Before the launch of Microsoft, Bill Gates & Paul Allen initiated Traf-O-Data, this same company responsible for analyzing traffic data. Sadly, it failed miserably, leaving Gates under a huge amount of debt.

He learned valuable lessons from such a failure and moved to introduce Microsoft. Also, with Microsoft, he was confronted with an initial failure, but his unwavering attitude assisted him to drag on. At the end of the day, success knocked at his door and he was rewarded for not surrendering his dreams.

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Steve Jobs

What Can We Learn From Steve Jobs?

Who is Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs was a charismatic innovator of the personal computer age. Jobs founded Apple Inc. with Steve Wozniak in 1976, transforming the company into a global leader in telecommunication services. Widely regarded as an innovator and a visionary, he undertook the launch of such innovative technologies as the iPod as well as the iPhone.


One of Steve Jobs’ greatest accomplishments was being the co-founder of Apple Incorporation. Jobs And Wozniak established Apple Products and developed their first personal computer, in the garage of Jobs’ parents. Apple had released the Apple Two, the first broadly used personal computer throughout the world which led to Jobs’ worth being $239 million after the first day of trading.

What should we learn from him?

Follow your heart and trust that it knows where it’s going

“So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” – Steve Jobs

He dropped out from his school but never let his failures overcome his talents. He did whatever he wanted to do. He listened to his heart had never listened to the people who tried to dishearten him. That’s why he became so successful in life. This is the lesson that we should learn from him.

The worst thing that could happen might turn out to be the best thing that could happen

One of the worse things that happened to Steve Jobs was his dismissal from the company. But this thing, later helped him to become stronger. After 10 years he co-founded his company again, and his company became the best in the world. He believed that when someone’s life hits so hard, what they should do is never lose hope. This is the best life lesson that we should learn from Jobs.

Don’t let anything drown out your inner voice.

Knowing that your existence time is limited, he told students, consider deep on how to spend it. “Don’t waste on somebody else’s life,” he said. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s minds. And not let the sound of the opinions of everyone else drown out your own internal voice. Most significant of all, have the bravery to follow your heart as well as intuition. 

Be loyal

Steve Jobs was very loyal to his work and himself. He always worked hard to make his company flourish in the world. He was the co-founder of Apple Inc. and after his dismissal from the company, the company started drowning. After 10 years of him coming back, he worked so hard that his company became the best in the world. This shows how true hard work and loyalty can pay you back. 

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Elon Musk

What Can We Learn From Elon Musk?

Elon Musk has made a name for himself as the 21st century’s foremost entrepreneur, visionary, and inventor. We take a look at 7 key entrepreneurial lessons Elon Musk has taught us.

You might have already heard of Elon Musk and his brand of capitalism, Autopilot, and space exploration. But there are many other lessons we can take from Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial journey, which is in line with the changing nature of the global business landscape.

Here are 7 key lessons from Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial journey:

Build for disruption

It is important to understand how disruption will affect your business. If you are really unsure of how to build your business for disruption, take a look at what Elon Musk is doing with Tesla. He doesn’t just enter a market, he builds the ideal car.

Tesla is different from any other car company because it uses new materials for batteries, it’s electric, and because the car is designed to be autonomous.

Elon Musk did not merely create a new car model – he created a whole new market of what could be considered luxury cars. Tesla created a new business model for the auto industry, a new idea, and a new platform for the future of automotive innovation.

Takeaway: Being at the right place at the right time is key. And being able to make the right bets is equally important.

Always do what’s right

Elon Musk may not always have had the right decisions when it comes to his business decisions, but he didn’t quit. He stands by his decisions, and he sticks to what’s right for him. He knows what is important to him, and he sticks to it. He follows his own set of principles, which is most likely to define him as an entrepreneur and disruptor.

Takeaway: Do what’s right for your business and your customers. If you get it wrong, it can have dire consequences.

It’s OK to fail

If you are trying to do something in an entrepreneurial venture, and you are not willing to take the risk of failing, you are probably not ready to be an entrepreneur. If you want to start something new, there is always the possibility of failure. You may not even know if you can actually build a great business, or if you are able to get it right. But you have to try.

One of the most inspirational things that has ever been said by Elon Musk is: “If you think things can’t fail, they probably will.” This is the most powerful quote we have ever heard from a businessperson. It is this very attitude, a willingness to fail, that separates entrepreneurs from everyone else.

Takeaway: It’s OK to fail. We all will fail. As an entrepreneur, there are no second chances.

Things take time

Elon Musk does not have an MBA. He is not a Harvard graduate. He has just a bachelor’s degree in physics, and a few good ideas.

Despite all the obstacles he faced, he was able to create the company that created the first electric car, SolarCity, and the first smartphone. He has created new industries in a relatively short amount of time.

To do this, he knew that things will take time and that he would need to think of the long-term before he could move forward.

Takeaway: Sometimes things will happen quickly. But often things take time. We don’t always have control of the short term, and sometimes things just take time. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t make things happen. Take control of your time and use it to your advantage.

Always be yourself

Elon Musk may be successful today, but he was never afraid of failure. He kept moving forward. He didn’t feel bad about the failures he experienced, because he knew that there will be more successful things to come. He is proud of himself for being successful because he feels like he has created something new, something revolutionary.

Elon Musk was never afraid of showing who he was. He didn’t hide behind a mask, he exposed himself. He went back to being a schoolboy, and he always embraced the fact that he was a nerd. He is the definition of being yourself. He doesn’t try to be like other people, and he doesn’t try to be like someone else.

Takeaway: You should always be yourself. When you are true to who you are, you are likely to be successful.

Decisions are not hard

Do you want to start a business? Well, how can you do it? It’s not easy. But if you are not willing to make the tough decisions, you won’t make it.

Elon Musk is very decisive. He doesn’t think about the consequences of his actions. He doesn’t feel like he needs to analyze every single decision he makes, because he knows that things will get done.

Takeaway: You can make hard decisions, and not feel bad about it. Make sure you have the resources to do what you are doing. Then follow your intuition. And take action.

There is nothing such as magic

Elon Musk is very transparent. He is constantly communicating with his customers, and he continues to update his followers on the progress of electric cars and Tesla. He has never pretended to have all the answers, and he doesn’t claim to be a genius.

Takeaway: Your transparency will set you apart, and it will attract customers. Be honest about what you are doing, and show the world how it is done. This will create trust, and you will attract customers.

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Leadership Qualities

What are the key aspects of leadership?

Students need to have the leadership skills to become successful in their careers. No matter what they do after school life, leadership skills will always be a useful tool.

Leaders in any organization play a critical role in encouraging employees and propelling the team ahead. Without good leadership, firms lose their way to success and struggle to gain employee loyalty.

Leadership in organizations

To become a valuable leader, the student must have the ability to collaborate in the organizations. So here are the crucial aspects that help the students to become a leader.


Students need to have the honesty to guarantee trust and respect with their team members. The constant example in practice and decisions will strengthen the students’ confidence and help manage the work with clear rules and without surprises in future careers.


Knowing what you want to achieve is one thing, but transmitting it to the team and having each of its members internalize it is quite another. For this reason, students need to have to know very well how to describe their goals in a way that everyone can understand.

It is also essential that an active effort is developed on the leader’s part when interacting with their work team.

So the students must have the best communication skill if they want to become a leader of their team.


A leader must have honesty in their commitments. If you show loyalty to any organization or the company, then it shows your supreme power.

Commitment should be demonstrated not only in the work to be done but also in recognition. Rewarding the student for the extra efforts made is usually an action that helps foster engagement.


Trust of the students for the work is another leading property. If the student has the delegation to complete their task and responsibilities, then there are several ways to become a leader in the future.

It is one of the most challenging skills to carry in any department. Therefore, knowing how to delegate, giving scope for action on this delegation, and handing over responsibilities are critical to its proper functioning. Also, by delegation, leaders add more value to their teams and make workers more versatile. So train the students to perform their tasks with more responsibility.


Creativity is a vital characteristic for leaders. Sometimes students may find themselves in difficult situations that require skillful decisions. In these circumstances, one may be forced to deviate from the established course and make short notice decisions. It is when creativity will prove invaluable.

Listening to ideas contributed by the student teams can favor working in a highly innovative environment.

Personalized treatment with collaborators

It is a fundamental concept, but it is often not given much importance, especially in work. People are not machines that all work in the same way and respond the same to given situations. So the students need to develop the skill of the personalized treatments with their co-students team workers.


Students must have these skills if they have wanted to become a success in their future life. Students develop any skill quickly as they are at the learning stage so try to develop these skills.

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AP Classes

What are some things that one must consider before taking AP classes in high school?

High schools often offer AP classes to their students. Many students think that these are the advanced classes that also have a test at the end. The test for AP courses is comprehensive. Here is a list of all AP Courses directly from the College Board Website (Click Here).

AP classes are a great potential way to earn some college credits and moreover, also look really good on the college applications.

Advanced Placement Courses are different from regular classes. It is not a simple story, but it includes many things you need to know before considering them.

So here are a few things that one should know before enrolling in AP classes.

May not have the college credits

Every college has different policies, and they consider the different scores of AP classes. Many colleges allow you to take the credits by having AP courses, and some will let you skip the introductory courses.

Typically, three or above three is the acceptable score for college credits. So make sure you have the proper knowledge before taking the AP classes.

Moreover, AP course credits are also a way to save money. But make sure that you have the proper knowledge regarding college and whether they accept your AP scores or not.

AP tests are different from regular tests

AP class exams are entirely different from regular tests. They not only have the MCQs but also include some brief questions. So if your school teacher didn’t give you the proper trial tests, you would have to prepare for it yourself.

Moreover, AP exams are only conducted once a year. So you don’t have the opportunity to retake it. Make sure you appear on the test with complete preparation and get the required score.

AP classes need good time management.

These classes are way more challenging than regular classes. It isn’t easy and is time taking because they teach students in a new way. So it requires more effort and time management skills.

Moreover, Advanced Placement classes run with your regular classes, so students have to manage the time for both of them.

AP classes mostly have more work

Every school has different workloads for students. AP courses require your time to review the course content regularly. It also needs the student to become a master in content more than they do in regular courses—this workload help to pass the comprehensive test of these classes more efficiently and effectively.

Some schools have specific rules

Every school has its own rules and regulations, but some have lenient rules related to these classes, and some have strict laws. To understand better, some schools are rigorous regarding the test dates of AP classes. So they don’t offer any late exams under any circumstances.

So make sure that you better understand the school policies before taking the AP classes. Schedule your routine well, so you don’t have to bypass any school law, and it also helps to clear the AP test effectively.

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