Simon Sinek

Learnings from Simon Sinek


If I were to sum up Simon Sinek in a single line, I would say that he is the most well-known forerunner of successful leadership.  But obviously, there is no word limit constraint that I have to abide by, so I would like to state that Simon Sinek is the author of best-selling books including Starts with Why (2009), Leaders Eat Last (2014), The Infinite Game (2018), and Find Your Why (2017).

There is no doubt that he understands the principles of leadership in great depth, and this is truly demonstrated through his different speeches that are available for the public to check out on platforms like Youtube.

Throughout this blog, I would like to state some of the best learnings that I have learned through watching his videos. The thoughts shared would be my interpretation of his speeches.


Be the Last to Speak

This is one of the most common leadership tips that Simon Sinek likes to share in his speeches and seminars. He talks about how we often hear people giving leadership advice saying things like “Be a good listener”, but his approach to this is to be a good listener until everyone is done speaking and then speak.

When a manager or team leader participates in a meeting and speaks first, his or her opinions, ideas, and thoughts frequently place a particular kind of pressure on the individuals listening in a way that prevents them from freely expressing their own viewpoints. In plain terms, this leaves these folks feeling as though their opinions don’t matter and unheard.

Speaking last reinforces the notion that these individuals are being heard, and when individuals feel heard, they feel better about themselves and are more inclined to participate. Speaking last guarantees that the leader continues to talk while also allowing others to successfully add with their own ideas and opinions.

Express your Why

In order for every team member to put in their heart and soul in a project, the team leader/manager needs to explicitly convey to the team the why behind any project, or any goal set by the organization. Without the why, the staff continues to work, but for no apparent reason. People are deeply motivated and passionate when they have a clear sense of their mission, and they are willing to go above and beyond to see that their purpose is achieved.

One of the most crucial things in a team is sharing the Why. The why can keep the team together and ensure that everyone is always focused on the task at hand. Without the reason, it is simple to become sidetracked, which frequently results in challenging circumstances for both people and companies.

Stand by your people

Problems can happen everywhere, whether it’s at work, home, or any other location, thus it becomes crucial for everyone, particularly a team leader, to support their team members in the tough moments. This support creates a sense of security, and appreciation in the people. More so, when you stand for someone in hard times, even though it should not be an expectation, people often stand back for you in your hard times.

Making sure someone is emotionally, psychologically, and physically healthy is an important part of standing with them.


So here are three key lessons that I have personally learned from Simon Sinek through his speeches that I have listened to. They are as follows: Be the last one to speak, Express your why, and Stand by your people. These are some important lessons that can help you grow as an individual in the society, and as a leader in an organization. 

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