5 Realistic Benefits of Homework

Benefits of Homework: Schools prided themselves on giving lots of homework as if it were synonymous with a good education or high academic achievement. However, today there are many schools that prohibit them or have reduced them considerably. These detractors believe that homework, in primary school, is not only not necessary, but it does not leave time for children to do what is truly important: play and participate in activities that develop their creativity.

Whether you are for or against your children having many duties, what is clear is that incorporating them into the daily routine helps them develop a balanced life. Despite having clearly differentiated views as to whether or not children of this age should have homework, there is something that most teachers, parents, and educators agree on, and that is that doing them regularly has benefits. Here we tell you what they are:

1) Responsibility

Completing a task encourages them to be responsible and to work independently. Incorporating tasks, and in this case, homework, into their daily routine teaches them how to organize themselves better, how to manage time, learn to make decisions, and solve problems. It also helps them develop good habits that will accompany them throughout their lives, both in studies and in professional life.

Depending on their age, amount of homework, and after-school activities, help them plan their afternoons well. Some experts recommend that children have at least half an hour to have a snack and relax before doing their homework upon arrival from school or their music class. 

Others suggest that they do it as soon as they get home from school and then enjoy their free time even more. You will discover the ideal moment together with your children. The important thing is to know them well and know at what time of the day they are most receptive to assimilating and carrying out their tasks. 

2) Discipline

Even if the child doesn’t have homework or tests to prepare for, it is important not to miss out on the routine. If the allotted time for homework is one hour a day, even though they don’t have to turn in anything, encourage them to use that time to read, review, cook, or do homework science experiments and help with something around the house.

3) Support

While they are studying or doing homework, it is important not to distract or interrupt them and especially to reduce the volume of noise at home. You have to let them know that you are there in case they have any questions or find it difficult to understand what to do. But while it is advisable to monitor your children’s homework, remember that doing it is their responsibility. The more you get involved in their education and their day-to-day, the more interest they will show.

4) Enhances self-esteem.

Once kids gain the self-confidence to perform a task or perform a skill individually, they build strong self-esteem, which is essential to many phases of everyday life.

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5) Professional careers.

While most professions don’t ask workers to take tasks home, there are certain deadlines in the actual world. Home tasks can help kids prepare for the real world by showing them to meet their time obligations.

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