5 Most Useful Tools for College Students

College Students

College can get stressful, and there is no doubt about it. However, it is very much possible to reduce that stress by being more organized, focused, and productive at most times. This blog will touch base the 5 Best Useful Tools that I personally believe have the potential to reduce the stress that college students face in their everyday lives. 

List of 5 Most Useful Tools

  • Notion
  • Grammarly
  • Bamboo Paper
  • Obsidian
  • Natural Reader


Purpose: Organization and Productivity

Functions: Notion is easily one of the most popular tools used by not only college students but also high-school students. Notion provides an end number of distinct templates based on a student’s need to organize their professional, and personal environment. Students can use the notion as per their needs, and customize it to maximize the output. Some concrete uses of Notion include: note-taking, goal-tracking, to-do lists, organization, team-work etc. If you are a student, I highly recommend you to check out Notion at least once if not more. 

Link to Notion: Click Here


Purpose: Grammar Check

Functions: You have most likely seen a grammarly advertisement somewhere on the internet. Grammarly is a growing company which provides all learners with writing assistance tools. Grammarly can be used to fix an email, a text message, an essay for a subject, and basically most forms of writing. A report suggests that in 2020 itself, grammarly reached a staggering number of daily users, approximately around 30 million people. Undoubtedly, grammarly is a stepping tool to improving grammatical mistakes.

Link to Grammarly: Click Here


Bamboo Paper

Purpose: Note-taking

Functions: Bamboo is undoubtedly one of the most convenient apps for note-taking purposes. It allows the users to create notes in whatsoever manner that suits them the best and meets their needs. What makes this app special is that it allows for users to draw and sketch. So if you are a college student who likes to take visual notes, then this tool is a must try. It has over a million downloads and some great reviews as well. 

Link to Bamboo: Click Here



Purpose: Organization and Connectivity

Functions: Oftentimes we use different apps and everything to store notes and other important things. This is where obsidian comes in and allows easy connections between different places. Doing so makes this productivity go up levels simply because a user does not have to waste time looking for the place where they stored something.

Link to Obsidian: Click Here


Natural reader

Purpose: Reading Fast

Functions: A college student can be interested in Natural Reader for two reasons. The first is that they might not enjoy reading, and the second is that they might not have enough time to read a lengthy work. The two issues above are resolved by Natural Reader, which enables users to convert text to speech. Since college students already have other stuff to complete, this tool could help you finish reading whatever a lot more quickly.

Link to Natural Reader: Click Here


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