7 Techniques to Enhance Communication Skills

Communication Skills

One of the most crucial life skills is effective communication. It happens when what we say is understood by the listener. Note that I used the word “understood”. Often times when we speak, the listener is unable to understand what we are saying and they lack a clear understanding of the topic being talked about. This type of conversation is very ineffective. Therefore, in an effective communication, it is expected that it will be without deviations, prevent discussions, and avoid disseminating incomplete messages. In this blog, we will go through 7 top-notch techniques to enhance Communication Skills that are very useful in day to day lives. 

Great Communication Skills are not only good to have better conversations in your social life or to convey your ideas at work, but also to improve leadership skills (click here to checkout a great blog on leadership). Here are some essential tips to learn how to communicate effectively.

Pay attention to your body language

You say that you are open to discussion, but your arms are crossed; a person says he is listening, but he does not take his eyes off his cell phone. Our non-verbal and unwritten language reveals more than we think. Whether you’re making eye contact or behaving in a video conference interview, don’t forget that you’re constantly communicating, even when you’re not speaking.

A strange way to prepare your body for better communication? Think about your toes. Or adopt a position of power if you need to build your confidence before a big presentation. Learn how to read people’s body language to respond appropriately.

Get rid of unnecessary fills

“Hmm” and “ah” do not improve your speech or your daily conversations. Get rid of them to be more persuasive and to feel, or appear, more confident. One way is to keep track of when you speak words like “hmm” or “type”. You can also try to take your hands out of your pocket or simply relax and stop before speaking. Silences seem stranger to you than to other people, believe me.

Have a script for short talk and other occasions

The short talk is an art that few people have mastered. For the inevitable embarrassing silences with people you know little about, it helps to have a plan. The FORD (an acronym for family, occupation, recreation, and dreams) can help you think about topics. You can turn short talk into a real conversation by sharing information that can help the other person discover things in common. Any short talk can make you happier in the long run.

Tell a story

Stories are powerful. They activate our brains, make presentations less boring, make us more persuasive, and even help us do well in interviews. Learn the secrets to becoming a phenomenal storyteller with these Pixar rules or simply use the word “but” more to structure your narrative. Everyone has at least one interesting tale to share.

Stay away from distractions

It is quite offensive to use the phone while someone is talking to you because you should be talking to the person. It may not be possible to get rid of all the distractions or get away from technology completely, but just raising your head can improve your communication with others.

Adapt your message to the public

The best communicators adjust their speeches based on the audience to which they will present themselves; you probably use a different style of communication with your coworkers compared to when you are talking to your partner, children, or older people. Always keep the other person’s perspective in mind when trying to get your message across.

Be brief and specific

There is an acronym BRIEF – Background, Reason, Information, End Follow-up – to aid you to keep your emails short and to the point, without leaving anything out. It is good practice for both written and verbal communication (I always felt that my role, as a writer, was to convey the points clearly and then leave the page as quickly as possible). Clear and concise are two of the 7 C’s of communication, together with concrete, correct, coherent, complete, and courteous.

Elevate your empathy

Communication is a two-way street. If you practice seeing from the opposite point of view, you can reduce the difficulty and anxiety that occasionally arise when trying to communicate with others truly. For example, knowing what the other person really means when they say they are too tired to talk. Developing empathy helps you to understand better the nonverbal parts of communicating with others and to respond effectively.

Listen, really listen

Following each of the above points, the best thing you can do, to improve your communication skills, is to learn to listen, pay attention and let the other person speak, without interrupting.

It is hard work, we know, but a good conversation is a lot of words elegantly connected with listening. So, even if your communication styles don’t match, at least they’ll be on the same page. And, probably, the other person will be listening carefully as well.

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