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Top 5 websites to study math

Top 5 Websites for Math Online Learning [2022]

Do you find math as a complex subject? Or do you want to learn more about mathematics? Tons of online websites provide math lessons from basic to expert level and help you improve your math skills like calculus, geometry, and many more. Here…

What are some real-life applications of calculus?

Calculus is the subject that almost every university or college teaches its students. But do you ever think about what its value in real life is? So let me clear to you that you don't solve the trick equations daily, but calculus is…

Which is easier to learn Biology or Chemistry ?

Everyone has a different state of mind and learning powers. So every student finds another subject difficult according to their abilities. Some students think chemistry is an easy subject, but they think of biology as a complex subject. However,…
Digitalization of Schools
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Technologies that can be used to Digitalize Schools

Digitalization of Schools: Educators from all levels now adopt the importance of digital schools. There have been no changes in the traditional school system for years, but that pandemic situation changes the whole trend. The digital transformation…

Chemistry - beyond what we perceive it as

Chemistry has always scared people, not because of its complexity, since it is a simple matter, but because of the term chemistry's wrong to use. The term "chemistry" is seldom connected to as a bad thing? The term "chemistry" is seldom…

Math is Everywhere: Real-life Applications of Math

In this article, we will explore the Real-life Applications of Math, and tackle common misconceptions related to the subject. We've all asked or heard questions like: "Why is there a monster in the form of Math?"; "What is mathematics…
What makes Math easy for some and hard for others?

What makes Math easy for some and hard for others?

Everyone has different capabilities to tackle maths problems. Some find it comfortable, but it is very demanding for others. In other words, this subject is easy for some and hard for others. (History of Math) Math is a subject that requires…

How to use the phone to benefit academically

While the vast majority of youngsters use their smartphones for playing mobile games, or social media, there are many others who use their phones as a tool to grow and prosper academically. Put in other words, if used wisely, a mobile phone…

Productive Educational Apps for Middle and High School Students

Very Similar to how mobile apps have made different aspects of our lives such as cooking, fitness, etc. easier and comfortable, mobile apps have made education more available, convenient, and simpler, especially in times like these when COVID-19…

Exam Preparation


multiple choice questions

What is the right approach to Multiple Choice questions?

Multiple choice questions are difficult for many students to solve. There is no test in which multiple-choice questions are not included. So it requires the proper approach to solve them in the trial. If you have some confusion or don't…

9 Best Effective Techniques to Study for Exams

When exams are near, the days seem to go by faster and faster, and you cannot give vent to everything you have to study. But don't worry. Not everything is lost. We have some effective techniques to study for exams that will help you shine…

Is Cramming before the Exams really effective?

The study requires efficient skills to clear the exams. Several students trust cramming before an examination, but it works for a few and fails for many students. Everyone encompasses a different mindset, and therefore, they require various…

Standardized Testing

(SAT,ACT, etc.)

S.A.T Math Section

15 Must Know Math Formulas For S.A.T Math Section

Scholastic Aptitude Test, or what is commonly referred to as SAT in modern days is a standardized test. It is taken by thousands of students each year throughout the world, especially in the United States. The main purpose behind taking this…

Free Apps for the preparation of SAT Math Section

Math is the more critical section of SAT. It requires daily practice. There are many apps for preparing for the SAT. Some are specific for the math practices, but most apps come with reading, writing, and maths. SAT preparation apps will…

Free Apps for the preparation of SAT Writing Section

SAT writing section : There are many SAT preparation apps, but all apps don't have the same interface. Writing apps require high vocab and practice modules that help the students to practice more. Many SAT apps are downright awful due to their…

Free Apps for the preparation of SAT Reading Section

The trend of online studies is gaining popularity, and many apps develop every day to help students. SAT is one of the most requested tests at the time of college admissions. Highly competitive colleges emphasize high test scores as the identification…

AP Courses

(Advanced Placement)

AP Classes

What are some things that one must consider before taking AP classes in high school?

High schools often offer AP classes to their students. Many students think that these are the advanced classes that also have a test at the end. The test for AP courses is comprehensive. Here is a list of all AP Courses directly from the College…
Benefits AP Classes

What are the benefits of taking AP classes in high school?

With time, the number of students enrolled in AP classes has increased because doing so has great perks and benefits. Out of all benefits, the primary one is to earn college credits more effectively while in high school. It is a way to help…


College Students

5 Most Useful Tools for College Students

College can get stressful, and there is no doubt about it. However, it is very much possible to reduce that stress by being more organized, focused, and productive at most times. This blog will touch base the 5 Best Useful Tools that I personally…
Case Study: How is the Outschool platform helping students?

Outschool : The New Age Learning Platform

Case Study on Outschool. The current world has turned into a global village where we can communicate with each other regardless of any distance. The advancement in the field of the internet and its related technologies has created a concept…
Digital Note-Taking

4 Major Reasons Why Digital Note-Taking Is Leading To Better Work Environment in Schools [2022]

Over the years, especially after the transition to Online Learning after the outbreak of the Corona Virus, digital tools including but not limited to google docs, notion, etc. have empowered online note-taking. For a long history, it has been…
note-taking strategies

Most Effective Note-Taking Strategies

Here are some most prominent note-taking strategies.   Cornell Method Note of strategy, The Cornell Method has been and continues to be one of the most key techniques among students today. You simply divide your notes into…
How To Write a Good Essay

How To Write a Good Essay?

Many wonder where to start and how to organize ideas on paper. But, as difficult as it may seem, writing good texts can be very simple. For this, it is necessary to follow the appropriate structure, know the grammatical rules well, and most…

Is it better to take handwritten notes than online notes?

Online Vs Handwritten Notes: There are people on both sides with arguments that support the benefits of one method over the other. In this blog we will go over details related to both methods. In general, early research suggests that taking…

How Important is it to take Breaks while Studying?

Importance of study breaks When sitting down for too long hours of study, it is important to keep in mind to take study breaks to help avoid study tiredness setting in. But how exactly does it benefit? We illustrate how you can…
sleep academic

This is how sleep has a direct impact on academic performance.

Sleep: a cause of low grades? Without any doubt, Sleep really is a factor that plays role in the academic performance of, especially students. Low grades in children are something that must be addressed. Not only for the academic aspect…

5 Realistic Benefits of Homework

Benefits of Homework: Schools prided themselves on giving lots of homework as if it were synonymous with a good education or high academic achievement. However, today there are many schools that prohibit them or have reduced them considerably.…