What are some real-life applications of calculus?

Calculus is the subject that almost every university or college teaches its students. But do you ever think about what its value in real life is?

So let me clear to you that you don’t solve the trick equations daily, but calculus is still around you. It helps in many fields of life by providing extra powers to you.

Calculus is a language that scientists, engineers, and economists use in their daily life work. For example, your TV, microwaves, cars, medications, and many more need the support of this branch of math.

What is Calculus?


Calculus is a Latin word that means stone. Initially, Romans use stones for counting, and now for counting small numbers, mathematicians also use the same term.

Check out this article to know more about the origin of Calculus. (Click Here)

However, there are a large number of applications for it in our daily life.

Here we describe them shortly, so you better understand the calculus in real-life applications.


Physics is a field that requires mathematics. For example, if we take the model of mechanical physics that includes velocity and accelerations. So these significant positions come from the small derivatives that have the calculus to resolve.


You may think that calculus and chemistry don’t have any relation. But chemistry requires calculus in many ways. When we need to find out the reaction rate in inorganic chemistry, integration is the best way to find it. So inorganic chemistry is based on integration or calculus.

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Biology includes studying many fields related to living beings, for example, the study of population. It consists of the analysis of predators, their prey,  and how they evolve. So to analyze it requires the differential equations. Biologists use a differential equation to find out the exact number of population growth in bacterial cultures. Different factors like temperature change affect the population’s development, so differential equations determine the actual rate of growth.

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Finance personals, including mathematicians and statisticians, use calculus to conduct their surveys. It helps them to plan their business strategies. It is a way to find out the accurate prediction based on their analysis.

Credit card companies use calculus to set their payments and statements when proceeding with the comments.

Other fields

Many other fields also use calculus other than the above-mentioned real-life areas. For example, architects, electrical engineers, space engineers, graphic artists, and many more.

  • Electrical engineers use the integration to find out the exact length between two different points that are miles apart from each other.
  • Space flight engineers use it in many ways. Like they need to find the length of the mission before starting it. So calculus allows space flight engineers to consider every variable, including the gravitational influences, sun, moon, and many more, so they find out the exact length.
  • Graphic designers use it to find out the impact of changes in their three-dimensional designs.
  • Architects use it to find out the material requirement after designing a dome or any other thing. So they have an idea of average investment and other requirements.


Calculus has a wide range of applications in our real lives. It helps us in many life constructions, engineering, medicines, software, graphic designing, and many more. In short, it is everywhere in real life.

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