What is the right approach to Multiple Choice questions?

multiple choice questions

Multiple choice questions are difficult for many students to solve. There is no test in which multiple-choice questions are not included. So it requires the proper approach to solve them in the trial.

If you have some confusion or don’t understand some questions, you must follow the approaches mentioned below. These strategies help you make a guess effectively and increase your higher scores on the test.

So let’s dive into them.

Read the question carefully

Don’t directly jump on the answer options. Carefully read the complete question first and understand it. Most often, students think that they know the answer and don’t read the questions. It is a big mistake as you don’t know your teacher may create a different problem for some answers. So make sure you understand the question first and then move to solutions.

Answer the question in mind

It is another best strategy that increases your chances to pass the multiple-choice answers. If you answer the question just after reading the statement in your mind, you don’t get confused with the wrong answer. So you can answer the question before looking at the answer options. 

Identify the wrong answers

When you read the answer choice of question, eliminate the wrong options you are sure of. Make sure you only eliminate the options about which you are hundred percent sure. It is also a best practice if you are sure about the correct answer. So it increases the chances of the right answer.

Process of answer elimination

Finding out all the wrongs ensures that you are sure about it and then focus on the remaining answers. It not only saves your time but also increases the chances of the correct answer in less time.

Must read every option

Many students mark the answer directly without reading all the answer options. It is the most common mistake that students make in multiple-choice answers. So to overcome this mistake must read all the possibilities. It helps increase your selected answer’s confidence level, and you will not make any mistakes.

Always answer the question that you know

No one knows the answer to every question. So when you get confused or have difficulty answering a problem, then move to the next question. Don’t waste all your time on a single question. When you answer the more straightforward questions first, you will have more time and insight to think about the remaining questions’ answers.

Make a guess

If you are blank in answering a specific question, then make a guess. Making a guess also requires a particular strategy. Always make an educated guess in multiple-choice questions. To make an excellent guess eliminate the irrelevant options from the answers and then select the one from the remaining two choices. It increases the chances of your correct answer.

Another great blog on how to make good guesses: Click Here


Every strategy work differently for everyone. So it is not true that all the above techniques work best for you. But we will assure you that if you take these approaches as critical points and follow them carefully, it will help you more effectively.

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