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Learnings from Simon Sinek

Introduction If I were to sum up Simon Sinek in a single line, I would say that he is the most well-known forerunner of successful leadership.  But obviously, there is no word limit constraint that I have to abide by, so I would like to state that Simon Sinek is the author of best-selling books […]

Understanding Inflation in Simple Terms (2022)

Introduction It wouldn’t be inaccurate to state that this year has witnessed a significant increase in the number of conversations on inflation. As the price of oil and other commodities has increased and the FED has raised interest rates to combat it, and it has become a hot topic. It is undeniable that each of […]


5 Most Useful Tools for College Students

College can get stressful, and there is no doubt about it. However, it is very much possible to reduce that stress by being more organized, focused, and productive at most times. This blog will touch base the 5 Best Useful Tools that I personally believe have the potential to reduce the stress that college students […]

Blockchain Life: Simple Guide to Blockchain

Introduction to Blockchain Life: Blockchain is an emerging technology that uses encryption and cryptography to make transactions more private, secure, and reliable. Because blockchain is a decentralized, digital, public ledger it efficiently and permanently records transactions between participants and it is a technology that allows individual devices to store and securely access data. Blockchain technology […]

What are the Advantages of Information Technology?

Can you imagine your life today without computers? Difficult, isn’t it? So why would you think that the advantages of information technology are more than enough reasons to invest in it? Believe me, many companies still think that IT costs are too “expensive.” The real truth is that without minimal investment in technology, it is […]

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Top 5 Books to Learn Cooking

Are you a beginner at learning cooking? If yes, let me clarify that there are tons of cooking books for beginners in various formats and styles. Some are only good for cooking continental food. Some have mixed recipes, but some are specific for teaching baking. Here we will break down 5 of them that are […]


Outschool : The New Age Learning Platform

Case Study on Outschool. The current world has turned into a global village where we can communicate with each other regardless of any distance. The advancement in the field of the internet and its related technologies has created a concept of online teaching and learning. The students can easily access highly qualified teachers, educational resources, […]

Why is having an SSD on your Computer a Great Idea?

There are several ways to store your digital data. Two of the most used today are HDs or cloud storage services. However, there is a third popular option to consider: SSDs. And do you know why having an SSD on your machine (such as a computer) is important? First of all, you need to understand […]

Did you know these 5 things about Daylight Savings?

Every year, in United States and many other countries Daylight saving takes place. However, many people don’t know enough about it and are curious to know its impact on the everyday lives of people. So here is the blog to dive deep into Daylight Savings. Introduction Have you ever heard of Daylight Saving? Also known […]

10 of the Most Celebrated Festivals Across the Globe in [2021]

Throughout the planet, many significant festivals and festivities are continually held, attracting countless nearby residents, yet additionally numerous vacationers. It is understandable because it is hard to think of a superior approach to completely drench yourself in the environment and culture of the country than to visit a conventional occasion. Some of them are surprisingly […]