Chemistry – beyond what we perceive it as


Chemistry has always scared people, not because of its complexity, since it is a simple matter, but because of the term chemistry’s wrong to use.

The term “chemistry” is seldom connected to as a bad thing?

The term “chemistry” is seldom connected to as a bad thing, but not quite; people think that chemistry is in dangerous, toxic, or poisonous products, it really is, but it is not only in these things.

Many people know Chemistry as science and know that it is extremely important for life on our planet, if reagents and chemicals did not exist, it would be very difficult to have life on Earth or anywhere else in the universe, to be more precise, not even our solar system would exist, the sun would not exist either, since millions of nuclear fusion reactions occur there every second, which in fact is also a chemical reaction.

A chemical reaction is any reaction between two products giving rise to a different product from the initial ones, if this occurs, then there was a chemical reaction, so it can be seen that chemistry is in people’s daily lives more than they imagine. When you wake up in the morning, your body will perform numerous chemical reactions, without even the person knowing or wanting to, just to illustrate the nasal groove or what remains in the eyes is a product of chemical reactions that occurred during the night or during the day in the person’s body. 

That person then gets up and heads towards the bathroom, for that person to get to the bathroom, he needed the energy to do a job, and where did that energy come from? Arriving in the bathroom, the person turns on the faucet that is usually of some metal or even plastic that is also chemical

Chemistry is in the everyday life of any person

Chemistry is in the everyday life of any person, whether he wants to or not. Whenever a person feels happy, unhappy, overjoyed, carefree, or stressed, many chemical reactions occur in the body. Because of the chemical messengers called neurotransmitters discharged in the human brain, one can fall in love and cry because of heartbreak. 

So you can see that chemistry is in almost everything that is seen and even in many things that cannot be seen. Chemistry is not only on our planet but in the entire universe.

The great development of our planet in several areas is mainly due to the development and use of chemistry that is now a new science, but of fundamental importance for the development, protection, and even destruction of our planet.

Chemistry has a great responsibility for our world, as it will be the solution that can solve many of the problems faced by all. The professional in this area also has a great responsibility. It will be necessary to increase their appreciation because they are treated as a nutcase with a strange knowledge that can harm people, so he is treated with ‘care’ and fear by people.

In fact, a professional in this field is a normal person, who does the same things as other people and lives normally in society, and goes unnoticed by a large group of people.

Chemistry is everything that exists and is seen and what is not seen, so chemistry is your life, you live by chemistry and chemistry.

Take a moment to reflect on that last sentence, and you will see that it is not wrong.

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