4 Major Reasons Why Digital Note-Taking Is Leading To Better Work Environment in Schools [2022]

Digital Note-Taking

Over the years, especially after the transition to Online Learning after the outbreak of the Corona Virus, digital tools including but not limited to google docs, notion, etc. have empowered online note-taking. For a long history, it has been believed that hand written-notes prove to be more efficient in the long retention of details and content learned in school. However, this notion has been disregarding a significant fact that this kind of long retention is not necessarily needed in modern times when accessibility to all sorts of data is easy with Google for example. With just a couple of clicks, all the information could be retrieved. Moreover, digital note-taking has added benefits that lead to a better work environment in schools. 

Without wasting any time further let’s get into it:

Added Time

Quote By Leo-Tolstoy applies to digital note-taking

Time, Time, Time! Time is one of the most valuable assets a person can possess. It is something that can’t be bought using money, but rather could only be saved with wise decisions. It goes hand in hand in with what Leo Tolstoy once said: “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time”. He is indeed right! There are two studies that parallelly support the idea that taking online notes is a time saver. 

The first one shows that on average a person writes physically at a speed of 14 words per minute, in contrast to 40 words per minute when an average person is typing. When writing small excerpts or short notes, these stats do not make a huge difference. However, when writing long essays, these stats do make a difference.

Let’s take an example:

An English class is given a task to finish an 800 words essay during the course of a period in school, and one person decides to do it by hand, and one person decides to do it online. The person doing it by hand will take roughly 57 minutes to finish the essay, while the person doing it digitally would take 20 minutes to finish the same essay. This is a difference of 37 minutes (more than half an hour). By doing the work digitally, students can finish a given assignment fast, more so, teachers and students can get additional time to start another lesson or review concepts.

40 words per minute Stat//digital-note-taking//

The second study done by studyskills.com shows that a typical student spends only 60% of the class time taking notes when they are taking notes through a digital medium. This study proves a very similar point which the first one did. It accomplishes the idea of digital writing acting as a time saver for students for working on other important tasks.

Increased Accessibility

Online note-taking or writing on platforms such as google docs, notion, Evernote, google slides, etc. makes it easy for students to access this information from wherever they want. All they require is a device and an internet connection. At times even an internet connection is not required as work could be saved or downloaded for offline use. This is a very cliche excuse heard by teachers from students: “I did the work but I forgot it at home” or “My dog ate that paper” or even “My notebook got lost/stolen/wet”. When students take notes and write their work on digital platforms, these excuses vanish away as there is no dog online to ruin that work for example. 

In other words, taking notes on online platforms ensures consistency and avoidance of unnecessary troubles that a student has to go through while taking handwritten notes. For example, not having the pen/pencil to take notes or if they had a pencil, not having the paper or notebook to take their notes. All these problems simply fade away!

Not to forget, a lot of times students have to worry about carrying a number of notebooks to study for example at their grandma’s house or at a hotel during their vacation. With taking digital notes, students do not have to carry all these physical and heavy notebooks, and can simply access notes from as many classes as they desire.

So all points taken into consideration, having digital notes makes learning more accessible. Moreover, students can focus on studying more than worrying about forgetting their notes or not having them at the time they need them the most.

Higher Level of Clarity

Each note-taking platform has different features and it is a difficult task to cover all those platforms in this one article. Therefore, to understand the benefit of a Higher level of Clarity by taking digital notes we will use the example of google docs. 

Students could use multiple features that come with google docs. These features allow students to creatively design their posts and make conceptual understanding more prominent. For example, highlighting might be utilized to make the most significant topics stand out and simple to recognize, which is not always achievable when taking handwritten notes without real highlighters. Similarly, features like Bold, Underline and Italics could be used as well to highlight certain areas and make the notes more comprehendible. More so, google docs has an excellent feature of voice typing, and even without typing, a student could simply speak, and each and every word would be typed for them by the platform. So all and all, using digital platforms to take notes could make work more clear, creative, and easier to comprehend.

Additionally, each student has different handwriting. Oftentimes, it becomes difficult for teachers to comprehend notes and written work. By taking notes digitally, the problem of bad handwriting also fades away, as spacing and fonts make it easier for everyone to grasp the writing.

Consistent Good Hand-writing is a result of digital-note-taking

Collaborative Learning

It is not merely an assumption, but rather a fact that collaborative learning is one of the best ways to learn, grow, and develop together for students. Not just students for that matter, even for adults, collaborative learning is a productive way of growing. 

Let us again take the example of google docs. Google docs allow people to create a doc and share it with their friends, assigned groups, and classmates. Writing on the same paper is practically difficult for multiple students when working at the same time. Sharing of digital notes allows for students to work together on projects without any major limitations. They can help each other, make edits, and improve together. Digital note-taking abilities through platforms such as google docs enable teachers to create fun projects for groups of students to partake.

Collaborative Learning

Therefore, online/digital note-taking and writing allow for a collaborative environment to thrive in schools. This ultimately results in students better performing and enjoying their classes.


Here are 4 major reasons why digital note-taking is leading to better work environments in schools:

  • Added Time
  • Increased Accessibility
  • Higher Level Of Clarity
  • Collaborative Learning

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