What Can We Learn From Walter Elias Disney? [Key Lessons From His Life]

Walter Disney

Who is Walter Elias Disney

An American businessman animator, artist, voice actor & filmmaker, Walter Elias Disney was a multitalented person. He initiated many innovations in the making of cartoons as a founder of the American film industry.


During his career, he received 22 Academy Awards, and he’s known as the founder of Disneyland & Walt Disney World theme parks.

What should we learn from him?

1. Do What You Love

One of the most vital lessons you can learn is to do what you cherish. He always did what he wanted. Animation and filmmaking were his passion. He persuaded his passion as a career.

2. Take What You Do Seriously

He often took what he did seriously because whenever Walt Disney created his animations with the emphasis of a lion stalking his prey, he always paid attention to the details and took extreme caution in dealing with things. He never took for granted art and creativity.

At his studio, you would have never noticed Walt Disney just goofing off and thinking about work on his projects; he thoroughly took the lead when it came to doing what he enjoyed and never put his interest on the back burner.

3. Never Just Settle With Your First Success

One aspect that you would assuredly recognize about Walt Disney is that he would instantly embark on another venture after one achievement. Disney quickly went to work on some other feature films including “Bambi”, “Fantasia” and several others after completing his iconic film “Snow White” as well as the “Seven Dwarves”. Disney didn’t just end creating after making Mickey Mouse. Instead, for the present era, he continued on and created Donald Duck, Pluto, and several other famous characters. He was never delighted with what he had achieved because, with his aspirations, he nevertheless wanted to do more and develop.

4. Don’t Let Obstacles Stop You

When Walt Disney began working on Snow White for the first time, his wife and brother did their best to urge him to quit. The Snow White project was even dubbed “Disney’s Folly” and he ran out of cash halfway through development to complete the process.

Most people would do nothing but leave in this circumstance and get everything they can out of what’s remaining, but he stayed strong for Disney. In hopes of financing his movie, he planned to travel around and present videos of the raw movie to producers; his attempt was ultimately what rescued his studio and enabled him to complete the classic Snow White movie.

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