Free Apps for the preparation of SAT Reading Section

The trend of online studies is gaining popularity, and many apps develop every day to help students. SAT is one of the most requested tests at the time of college admissions. Highly competitive colleges emphasize high test scores as the identification of students’ capabilities. In this article, we learn specifically about the SAT Reading Section.

SAT is not as hard as it seems to the students. But the material for the test advances every year, which is not so tricky. You can gain maximum scores after practice if you don’t get lost in notes and ideas while preparing for the test.

Mobile apps make the SAT app preparation easier. You can get more information from the world in just a few clicks. Several SAT apps help to prepare for the test. 

SAT has different sections. Many apps have all the areas, but some are specialized apps for every site, like reading and writing. Here I will give you the five best free apps that help you prepare the reading section effectively.

So let’s begin.

Khan Academy SAT

It is one of the leading APP as the source of SAT app preparation. It provides a variety of practices with full written and visual experiences. Khan Academy SAT also has a website that makes the students master English Grammar rules. So you will have on hand practice exercises that help you gain the best scores.

Khan Academy SAT provides the plans according to the strength and capabilities of the students. There are 28 reading practices and free practice exercises, tests, and articles in Khan Academy SAT.

SAT Flashcards: Prep & Vocabulary

SAT flashcards are one of the popular apps for preparing English and math concepts. It is the free app that makes you perfect in dealing with all the reading difficulties no matter at which level you are before.

The entire list of vocabulary is according to the experience personals of the Magoosh’s SAT tutors. It has fun additional quizzes that are similar to the games. SAT Flashcards focus more on the practice that makes the student perfect in English. 

SAT Up – New SAT Test Prep and Tutoring

SAT Up is a personalized mobile app for preparing the reading section. It has full-length, midterm, and short quizzes that help you in accessing your level. It offers thousands of vocabulary games that make you perfect in reading and gain maximum test scores.

SAT Vocab by MindSnacks

SAT Vocab is the preparation app in a fun way. If you face difficulty in memorizing the vocabulary, then this app is for you. It has nine different games based on speech. Complete all the levels of fun and focus more on the use of vocabulary.

It is a specifically designed app for preparing the reading and writing section.

SAT Vocab Genius

SAT app is best for remembering the words. It has a convenient interface. The reading section of SAT Vocab has many practices that help you gain the flow. Try this app to make your concepts clear for reading and writing English.

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