Games that help us in Real Life

Helpful Games are the way to learn many real-life things. Everything in the world teaches you a lesson, even its games. We are not saying gaming teaches you real-life soft skills like math, corporation, and any other. But games teach you the honest goodness skills that also provide the meaning of full real-life results.

There are tons of games, but not all of them are teaching games. Some games teach real-life experiences. So here are the best games that help you teach real-life skills that you can use to become a successful person in life.

F1 Driving

It is early game 2019 that helps you to improve your driving skills. F1 pro game is a real-life racing game. It allows you to understand the arcade-style racing with a sizable part of racing sims. You might know that racing sims are indistinguishable from real-world racing.

So try this game to enhance your racing or driving skills like a pro.

App Store: Click Here

Kerbal Space Program | Rocket Science

It might be a tricky application for some users as not all of us are interested in Nasa and SpaceX. But the Kerbal Space Program teaches you more about how rocket and space flights work. This game is based on air and space simulators.

You came to know about how and why space rockets operate and construct in real life. It is the game that teaches you all about how to safely lower your apoptosis by burning the retrograde. So it’s a worth playing game for many of us who are interested in space matters.

Kerbal Space Program: Click Here

Rock Band | Drums

Rock Band helps you learn the fundamental skills of playing the drums. At the start, the concepts of timing and limb are present that make it a core game, but once you understand the cymbal pack and kick pedal, you will start playing like a pro drum player. Later it transfers you to the real drum player more effectively.

It also helps you learn the drum parts according to some fantastic rock and pop songs. It does not teach you the techniques but enables you to get to start the drum playing career.

RPG Maker | Game Design

It is not a game with technical skill senses, but it teaches us a lot about gaming design. Game designers find the notion of learning code challenging to make their dreams real.

So the RPG maker helps you in starting the game designing. It has a fun idea that provides the mechanical and stern work building platform. You learn about how to design the encounters, create exciting locales and write dialogues—all of these skills just by rudiments of programming.

RPG Maker: Click Here

Rocksmith | Guitar & Bass

Rock Brand is for the drum playing, but the Rocksmith is all about the guitar and the bass. It has a solid playing techniques game. But one of the drawbacks is that it only has the tab display, but it helps you read the actual tablature. So you will better learn to play the guitar and bass.

Rocksmith is another one of helpful games that uses real guitar instead of plastic. You can quickly jump into any brand as the guitar and bass player.


Not all games will provide you the real-life experiences, but some helpful games aid you to learn some basics. So try to prefer playing the games according to your real-life dreams.

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