How to use the phone to benefit academically

While the vast majority of youngsters use their smartphones for playing mobile games, or social media, there are many others who use their phones as a tool to grow and prosper academically. Put in other words, if used wisely, a mobile phone can greatly advantage students academically and help them succeed at a faster pace.

Even though ultimately it is the choice of the user to decide on how they will use their phone, below are a few ways through which phones can be a great deal of help.

Download Educational Apps

It is found that at the present moment there are more than 500,000 educational apps that are used by over 20 million students and educators. These educational apps provide students with enormous amounts of resources (notes, videos, practice tests, flashcards, games, etc.) to prepare for exams, study different subjects, or even get ready for the next day’s class. Many of these apps are free of cost, while some apps charge for the resources they provide.

Utilize the Calendar or Reminder feature

There are many occasions when students forget about an upcoming test or an important event. While many times they can cover it up in a limited time, there are also times when students have to face certain consequences as a result of forgetting those dates. Features like Calender and Reminder keep students informed of upcoming tests and events.

Apply the Notes feature

The notes feature is a great utility when it comes to taking quick notes. Just imagine you are walking home from school and thinking about the topic on which you will write your essay for the English class and suddenly an idea strikes you. You can simply use the notes feature on your phone to record your idea for later reference. In this way, even if the idea slips your mind, you have it on your phone and can easily access it.

Use the voice recorder

Now you might be wondering how a voice recorder can help you academically, but let me tell you, it can. Suppose it is nice weather and you feel like going out for a walk but then you remember that you have a few pages of notes to read. So you can simply and quickly record yourself speaking out loud those notes, plug in headphones and hear them while walking.

There are many more ways through which phones can benefit students academically, but these were 4 of them. It is not necessary to follow all of them, you can use one or two of those methods depending on what you feel is required and essential for your own self.

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