How To Write a Good Essay?

How To Write a Good Essay

Many wonder where to start and how to organize ideas on paper. But, as difficult as it may seem, writing good texts can be very simple. For this, it is necessary to follow the appropriate structure, know the grammatical rules well, and most importantly, read and be well informed about the main subjects that permeate the newspapers. This will undoubtedly make all the difference when it comes to writing.  

Types of writing

To know how to write a good essay, it is essential to remember the main types of texts (extensive guide). They are:

– Narration: it is a story or story presented in sequence;

– Description: it is the detailed detailing of people, places, objects, or events;

– Dissertation: it is the exposure and defense of a point of view through arguments.

If you are asking yourself, “but, where to start?” Stay tuned for the next tip!


The first tip on how to write a good essay is to pay close attention to the topic. Yes, it is the “heart” of the text and can appear only as a word, but also through a sentence. So read on and think about it. Then ask the following questions about the topic:

– What?

– How?

– When?

– Where?

– Because?

These questions will help develop a line of reasoning on the subject and assist in the text’s planning and organization.

Text production

Based on the answers listed in the previous point, it is already possible to sketch a draft by further developing each of the answers. Try to turn them into paragraphs, going a little deeper into each one in a cohesive and organized way.

Please note that, in general, a maximum of 30 lines is required. Therefore, it is not necessary to write very long paragraphs, which can also make the text tiring. This is also an important tip on how to do good writing.


Once the draft is over, the time has come to organize everything that has been written. But, you don’t have to despair. To properly format the text, with an order of presentation of ideas, it is essential to follow a structure formed by introduction, development, and conclusion.


The first part of the text is the introduction. Therefore, it must be objective, direct, attractive, and hold the reader’s attention. For this, the theme must be presented in the first sentence to clarify the position on that subject.

It is immediately possible to perceive the theme of the essay and the position of the author when stating that “the advertising media has been running advertisements to children, even if the products or services advertised are not intended for them.


Development is the second part of the essay and the longest. It should contain three or four paragraphs, depending on the number of lines in each paragraph. At that moment, the arguments that will defend the idea exposed in the introduction will be presented.

So, if you are wondering how to do good writing, pay close attention to development. One strategy that can help is to establish a chronology and hierarchy of arguments, to prevent the paragraph from running away from the topic or becoming confused.


The conclusion is the closing part of the essay. It should concisely summarize everything that was covered during the text, in addition to proposing a possible solution to the problem exposed.

Drawing up a draft and knowing the structure are important tips on how to write a good essay. In addition to all this, it is essential to develop the habit of reading, which will help in the development of analytical skills, keep up to date on the main issues of the day, and practice.

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