Learning a new language : where, and how?

learning a new language: It’s fun to learn a new language for speaking other than your native language. Different languages help you to explore their culture.

But it’s a trick to learn any new language. Kids can adopt other languages quickly because they are at a growing stage, and their minds can pick up vocabulary. 

However, it’s not difficult to learn a new language—all you need is to have the passion and proper time to know anything new in the world. There are various online and offline places where you can learn any speaking language according to your demands.

You can first start from the online courses that provide you with an expert guide at your home. Make sure you choose the right conversational method that helps you grow fast in speaking language.

So here we will discuss from where and in how much time you can learn any speaking languages.

Where can you learn any speaking languages?

Learning a new language

Here are the top best online places that provide you with complete guidelines in learning the different speaking languages.


It is a fun app that helps you learn a new language in a fun, addictive way. It is available for iOS, Android, and windows. First, it will provide the beginner’s guide of your selected language and then take a test to move towards the advanced level. It is a free app that brings you the advanced level free of cost.

Open Culture

Open culture is also a great app that helps you learn some specific language that many countries use as their native language. It includes English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Mandarin, and many 48 other native languages. Download this app for free and get their complete courses.

Learn a Language

If you want to improve your learning experience, then learning a language is the best option. It is a visual learning app that engages you more effectively than any other app. It is created by the US Institution of languages and teaches several languages speaking at an advanced level.

Mango Languages

Mango language app has a massive number of speaking languages like over 60 languages, including Spanish, Italian, Hindi (spoken in India), Swahili, and many others. It is a unique and first film-based app that introduces a new way to learn the language. It is available on both the website and app to use according to your preferences.

How much time does it take to learn a speaking language?

The time to learn a language depends on what language you are learning and from where. For an easy language, it only takes a few hundred hours or a few days. But for a complex language, you may require months or thousand of hours to get a firm grip.

Every person has different learning capacities so that they can learn according to their capabilities. These estimations of time are according to a few studies.

The first thing that determines your time is your passion for how passionately and actively you want to learn a new language.

Here are some tips that help you in learning the language quickly and effectively.

  • Keep the learning session short but effective
  • Repetition is the key to memorize the words quickly unless you have the photographic memory
  • Keep the language words in your daily life
  • Keep your self passionate until you have a firm grip on speaking language
  • Use different platforms to learn a single language

Make an effective learning plan at the start and follow that effectively.

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