Productive Educational Apps for Middle and High School Students

Very Similar to how mobile apps have made different aspects of our lives such as cooking, fitness, etc. easier and comfortable, mobile apps have made education more available, convenient, and simpler, especially in times like these when COVID-19 has caused all schools to physically closed and students are working from the confined walls of their homes. These students could very well utilize these productive educational apps to aid them while at home.

The main purpose of educational apps is to serve as a help for students to understand different subjects like English, Maths, and Science (Checkout STEM), and History much faster and easier. Some educational apps cover all subjects while some cover specific subjects or concepts. Even those apps which help students excel in school are categorized under educational apps and have proved over time to be very helpful.

Below are some of the top productive educational apps for Middle and High School Students.

myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner: The transition from elementary school to middle school can be quite challenging and overwhelming for students, as the assignments increase, homework increases, tests increase, and overall the workload increases for which most students are unprepared. This app, myHomework Student Planner, as it is called, functions as a school planner by allowing students to keep a consistent track of their assignments, homework, schedules, due dates, and many more things.

The best feature of myHomework Student Planner is that when a student misses an assignment, forgets, or overlooks it, the app reminds the student about whether the due date is coming soon or has already gone by. One feature that will make the app even more effective is that it allows students to set multiple reminders for the same test/assignment because currently once the first reminder goes off it just slips out of the mind of many students. It is important to note that even though this app helps middle school students the most, myHomework Student Planner can be helpful to students in High School and College as well.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy: It might not be a surprise for you to see Khan Academy featuring in the list of top educational apps for Middle School and High School Students as it is one of those apps which are used worldwide by millions of learners. Khan Academy provides students from not only middle and high school but also an elementary school, all kinds of video lessons, worksheets,  and practice tests on all subjects including history, math, science, English, computer, humanities, arts, economics, and life skills.

Even though this app is beneficial to all learners, it benefits High School Students the most by providing them a platform to practice for college-level courses ( widely referred to as AP classes ), and tests such as Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), and American College Testing (ACT). The best part about Khan Academy is that for every problem it provides students with fully explained solutions.


Kahoot: A study by AmericanEnglish.state.gov which states that “Having fun while learning helps students retain information better because the process is enjoyable and memorable”, concisely explains why the Kahoot App is so successful. Kahoot helps students from especially Middle School and High School learn harder topics, remember difficult names, and understand complex materials by providing them with trivia quizzes that are very fun, easy to create and share, and simple to play. One of the best things that most students like about the Kahoot App is that in a classroom setting, Kahoot creates a competitive environment and the competitiveness makes students learn more, and perform better.


Duolingo: Learning a new language, or improving a language you speak is not an easy task, it can totally overwhelm you. Duolingo is a free, fun, and easy-to-use app that helps students learn or master a language by giving them flashcards, audio notes, and multiple-choice questions to check whether they learned the concept or not. It is not specifically meant for middle or high school students, as it can be used by anyone whether it be a student in a school or a 65-year-old person who wants to learn a language. One of the best parts about using Duolingo is that it is not limited to 5 or 10 languages, it offers people 95 different language courses in 38 languages.


Photomath: It happens to every student at least once when they are trying to solve an algebraic equation and they are just stuck at maybe one point (which can be different for every individual). Algebra is a big part of Middle School and High School maths, which makes it really important for all the students to know how to quickly and correctly solve problems such as algebraic equations. Photomath is a very easy-to-use app, which instantly upon scanning or writing a problem, solves the problem and in addition to that provides an explanation for every answer. The most useful feature that Photomath contains is that it breaks down the solutions for all the questions into separate steps which helps the student learn each step more closely and better.

So myHomework Student Planner, Khan Academy, Kahoot, Duolingo, Photomath are our top educational apps for Middle and High School students on this list. These apps individually help students outshine in different areas such as Duolingo helps in learning a language while Photomath helps in mathematics. These apps are available on both android and apple devices and are utilized every day by millions of students around the globe. All the 5 apps noted above will benefit students in learning and excelling at school during these unprecedented times.

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