Math is Everywhere: Real-life Applications of Math

In this article, we will explore the Real-life Applications of Math, and tackle common misconceptions related to the subject.

We’ve all asked or heard questions like:

“Why is there a monster in the form of Math?”; “What is mathematics for in my life ?”;

“Why do I need to study mathematics?”;” What is the importance of mathematics in my life?”

These are very common questions asked by people who do not like the subject or who have not even realized its infinite importance in our daily lives. (History of Math)

As we will show and explore, math appears more and more in our daily lives, in a very intense way, and we can simply guarantee that we cannot live without math. It will take seconds out of your schedule to observe the Real-life Applications of Math.

Real-Life Examples

Do you want proof? Spend at least an hour of your day without being connected or related to numbers. This is impossible, as we are connected to them all the time, from the moment we wake up. We have to wake up with the alarm clock dialing a “number,” we have to calculate the time it takes to get to work, school, etc., and there are more numbers!

Another very simple example of being rolled up is when we go to a store or make a purchase, and the seller gives a discount or an addition to the purchase. If we don’t know how to calculate them, we will lose money during our life without realizing it.

Take another short test and see how many times math appears in your daily life, whether at work, at home, whether at school, course or college, whether at a club or shopping mall, in a cinema, on the computer, in dialogue with your group of friends.

Math: Part of our Daily Life

If we are attentive to everything that happens around us, we will see that mathematics is not just a simple fun or a simple boring class at school, but rather, a very important content that is part of our lives and that we will carry for the rest of your life!

The best professionals in all areas, including those who are not related, are expert mathematicians. Imagine that working with digital marketing without knowing how to calculate sales metrics, is the fastest way to failure.

Some people go to law school because they think there is no math there. Sweet mistake, as the law professional uses mathematics when working with causes that involve calculations, such as goods, values, shares, and inheritances. And if he is a tax lawyer, then he will find himself involved in calculations his whole life. Make no mistake because, in all professions, Mathematics is present.

Even a simple homemaker uses dough meters (kg) in her kitchen to make her recipes. Homemakers don’t even realize it, but they are always connected with mathematics.


The moment has come when humanity realizes that it is impossible to live without mathematical knowledge. Mathematics plays a fundamental role in society, from a simple purchase of a product to the most complex everyday situations.

In the same way that formulas, equations, theories, and theorems that we study at school are Mathematics, any artistic, religious, social, psychological thought are mathematical mental processes that accompany us since we were born.

So make no mistake, in the universe, everything is based on mathematics, from thought to arts, dances to sciences, nature, and life!

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