Free Apps for the preparation of SAT Math Section

Math is the more critical section of SAT. It requires daily practice. There are many apps for preparing for the SAT. Some are specific for the math practices, but most apps come with reading, writing, and maths.

SAT preparation apps will provide many practice strategies and will give you feedback with complete explanations.

So let’s dig into the five best free apps for the SAT math section preparations. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best free apps for SAT preparations. College Board and Khan Academy have the partnership to give you free access to best practices for trials. This app identifies your capabilities at the initial stage and provides you with honest feedback on every level of your progress.

All the math practice questions come from the SAT officials, but some are created after the College Board’s approval. Signup yourself for free in Khan Academy and start practicing daily for the higher scores. It will provide you with complete assistance through detailed explanations and videos during the study. 


It is a free SAT reading preparation app designed by the test expert Gar Gruber. This app will help you provide several questions. Once you start practicing, you will get feedback after every question.

After completing all the questions, you will get the problem-solving strategies you need to review in your math section. It has all the SAT sections, so once you complete your one practice, you’ll get the other part.

All you need to do is practice daily.

Ready4 SAT

It is the number one study app for the SAT. It includes 1000 questions and flashcards, and videos. You will get the complete information of every problem so that you don’t get confused on the test day.

Ready4 SAT will track your preparation progress as they will provide the question for everyday preparation. Users will have access through 400 to colleges and universities, so you will have an idea of their average SAT scores.

Follow them every day step by step test practice to be on track and get high scores.

Math Brain Booster Games

The SAT exam has a short time, so students need to prepare accordingly. Clear all your math concepts so you will mentally prepare for the solution to every math question. There is nothing better than that you will mentally prepare for all the questions and their answers.

Math Brain booster is one of the free apps that help speed up the student’s brain in calculations, so they don’t need to use a calculator. So this app didn’t help you directly prepare the math questions, but indirectly, it will make you perfect in calculations.


SAT Up is one of the biggest apps for math section preparation. It will provide you the complete analytics and step by step guide for every question.

SAT Up has 400 questions according to the format of the official SAT math questions. You can get high scores by following the SAT Up format and quizzes. It’s the best opportunity to prepare the math section free of cost.

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