This is how sleep has a direct impact on academic performance.

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Sleep: a cause of low grades?

Without any doubt, Sleep really is a factor that plays role in the academic performance of, especially students. Low grades in children are something that must be addressed. Not only for the academic aspect but for the well-being of the children. The first thing that must be known is the cause to be able to put solutions.

Sleep plays a fundamental role in child development, it is proven that lack of sleep causes slight changes in mood, pessimistic attitude, stress, and anxiety, which reduces learning capacity and can cause sleep disorders.

Building habits from an early age!

Before moving ahead, I highly recommend reading this article on the importance of building habits from an early age!

It is necessary to sleep properly from an early age. This will prevent adolescents from being reached and have tired, apathetic young people, without wanting to do anything, without motivation. Let’s say that there is a chronic lack of sleep that has to be avoided with established guidelines from childhood. The decrease in sleep time is a very general problem, not only in children and young people but also in adults.

It seems as if sleep is what we can lose when we lack time for other things, and that is what usually happens in today’s society, that we lack time for many things, and we subtract from sleep. Many students give up rest to get high-grades, but analysis shows that students who sleep more get better grades. Decreased total sleeping hours have been linked with fading academic performance.

What do the studies show?

Several studies have determined that many children and adolescents do not get enough sleep. The origin of this deficit may be due to overloaded schedules or other causes such as watching television until late or poor use of mobile phones and other electronic devices at night. Children’s hours are often adjusted to those of adults and not the other way around as it should be. This causes children to go to bed late often and have to get up early because the hours are early.

This generates a sleep deficit, a deficit that is also not recoverable. It is estimated that 27% of children between 5 and 12 years old have trouble going to sleep, it is a percentage to consider.

It has been proven that lack of sleep generates a decrease in the ability to assimilate knowledge by up to 40%. The greater the irregularity of sleep, the worse the grades, the studies in this regard affirm and, therefore, lower performance in verbal, spatial, reasoning, and numerical cognitive skills.

The lack of sleep affects not only school performance but also aggression in the classroom. It has been proven that increasing the time of sleep reduces aggressiveness.

Sleep restores the brain and prepares us for the challenges of the day and social interactions. If the minimum hours of sleep are not met, we become more primitive, we cannot keep our emotions under control.


Knowing that sleep affects so many important things in student’s development, it is essential that we stop, take a little time and ask ourselves:

  • What time do we go to bed?
  • Do we get enough rest while they sleep?
  • Do we have the right mattress for healthy sleep?
  • We need to become aware of the importance of rest in the school performance of students.

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