7 Reasons Why Playing Sports Benefits Everyone [One Bonus]

7 Benefits of Playing Sports

In the most diverse places, we can observe that there is widespread dissemination of the benefits of sports practice by the most diverse means. Especially in obvious places like gyms, sports centers, hospitals, health posts, and the like, it is possible to see posters encouraging sports.

The first relationship that we can establish is that of sports practice and quality of life. A truly full, healthy, quality life requires that your body and mind are healthy and in your activities’ full functioning, with vigor, energy, and strength.

One of the greatest benefits of sports is the increase in cardiac capacity.

The importance of physical activity and the benefits of sports are not limited to elements that are beneficial to the human body but are also fundamental to the individual’s mind and sociability. The human being as a whole benefit from what sports are capable of offering.

Life can only really be lived to its fullest when you are healthy. When we are in good health, we are able to do everything we need and desire in our lives, with all the disposition that is demanded of us.

Immediately, the benefits of sports practice reach the body of the person in question. However, the mind also benefits from it, in all its stages of execution.

We will mention below the benefits of sports in general.

1 – Good for body and mind

Sports practice can reach the human being in its entirety, causing positive effects on the body, the physical and biological aspects of the individual, and the mental and emotional realm.

2 – Increases brain oxygenation

During physical exercise, the body produces an even greater amount of oxygen to the brain. This helps to improve the person’s cognitive and reasoning functions.

3 – Stimulates cognitive activities

When doing a sports activity, it mobilizes a series of mental abilities and functions, such as agility, quick thinking, logical thinking, clearer perception, faster reflexes, among many others.

4 – Increases “good cholesterol” and decreases “bad cholesterol”

It is proven that doing a sport is a little more intense and with a certain frequency increases the levels of HDL (“good cholesterol”) and decreases LDL (“bad cholesterol”).

Among the benefits of sports practice, we can mention a gain in breathing capacity.

5 – Strengthens bones

Regular physical activity helps to build bone mass and strengthen/maintain it.

6 – Improves sleep

When physical activities are performed, the body spends more energy and manages, at the appropriate time, to have a better sleep.

7 – Strengthens muscles

The muscles are mobilized at the time of sports practice, being one of the main responsible for the movement of the body. A strong and healthy muscle guarantees better movement and less fatigue.

You will have a lot more breath, a greater lung / respiratory capacity. In addition, the heart will be able to pump more and better blood.

8 – Increased cardio-respiratory capacity

If you are sedentary, start with a lighter activity and gradually increase the intensity, always remembering to hydrate and stretch before and after activities and to properly nourish yourself.

It’s okay if you’ve been sedentary by now. Start a physical activity as soon as possible and practice it at least 3 times a week. The regularity of these activities will generate benefits that will be appreciated throughout life.

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