9 Best Effective Techniques to Study for Exams

When exams are near, the days seem to go by faster and faster, and you cannot give vent to everything you have to study. But don’t worry. Not everything is lost. We have some effective techniques to study for exams that will help you shine in them.

Create a plan for your study

Make a general review of the whole subject and check the most important points, which are the subjects in which you have the most difficulties, to define well everything you have to study. Do not forget, never leave anything to study, in the hope of “oh, this has been gone for two years, it will not come out for sure”. It is halfway to being the most “valuable”

Offline mode

Yes. We know it will be difficult, but when you are studying (seriously!) You really have to get away from all the technological devices that can distract you. Disables all notifications, log out of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp groups.

Time to take a break

However, you are not prohibited from taking breaks from time to time. Quite the opposite. It is healthy to stop when you think you are no longer fully focused. Take the opportunity to sunbathe, to walk, and do a little exercise. When you return to the study, you will see that you will have much more energy.

Write notes by hand

It may not seem a great idea, but writing by hand helps you to be more focused and think more about everything you are writing. In addition, you take the opportunity to train your handwriting. 

Learn more about the importance of taking notes by hand. (Click Here)

Voice off

Have you tried recording yourself reading the material? Why not? If you are one of those people who memorize lyrics after 2 or 3 times, you will probably get along with this method. Take the opportunity to listen on your bus trips, while you are walking on the street, and you will see that at some point, you will already know by heart what comes next.

It is better to study alone and well accompanied

Some prefer to study alone, some like to study in groups, but both forms have pros and cons. Studying on your own means that no one can help you and you cannot share your doubts and questions, but studying with more people can also give rise to more distractions. In this way, the best thing to do is to balance the two ways. You can start by studying alone, and after you already have a base of all the material, you can take the opportunity to discuss and discuss everything with your colleagues.

Music for your ears.

Studying listening to music helps many people concentrate, but beware of the music you choose! The idea is not to end up singing or dancing, forgetting the material. Preferably bet on instrumental music, but with a good rhythm.

A Good List Of Songs: Click Here

Real examples

Do you know that part of the material that you don’t understand what it’s for? Can’t you see what the meaning is? Make it a challenge and look for practical, real examples in which you can frame your dilemma and help solve it.

Always look on the bright side of the study

Stay away from all negative thoughts. You are forbidden to say and think that it will go wrong. Remember that it is in your hands and that you are studying for a good cause: to shine in national exams. You will see that it will go well, you just have to believe and work to make it happen.

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