Blockchain Life: Simple Guide to Blockchain

Blockchain Life

Introduction to Blockchain Life: Blockchain is an emerging technology that uses encryption and cryptography to make transactions more private, secure, and reliable. Because blockchain is a decentralized, digital, public ledger it efficiently and permanently records transactions between participants and it is a technology that allows individual devices to store and securely access data. Blockchain technology […]

What are the Advantages of Information Technology?

Information Technology in Companies

Can you imagine your life today without computers? Difficult, isn’t it? So why would you think that the advantages of information technology are more than enough reasons to invest in it? Believe me, many companies still think that IT costs are too “expensive.” The real truth is that without minimal investment in technology, it is […]

Why is having an SSD on your Computer a Great Idea?

SSD on your computer

There are several ways to store your digital data. Two of the most used today are HDs or cloud storage services. However, there is a third popular option to consider: SSDs. And do you know why having an SSD on your machine (such as a computer) is important? First of all, you need to understand […]

How to choose a WiFi internet router? Understand the Differences

How to choose a WiFi internet router?

How to choose a WiFi internet router? Know what to consider to find the perfect model that fits your home or office needs. Although there are still situations in which some users prefer the Internet connection via cable, the use of WiFi in offices and homes is practically unanimous. But how to choose a WiFi […]

What is the difference between splitter and switch for HDMI cables?

splitter and HDMI switch

If you’ve ever needed to work with multiple devices connected to the same TV, you’ve probably wondered what the difference is between a splitter and HDMI switch. The accessories may be physically similar, but the results are completely different. So that there is no longer any doubt about the characteristics of each of them, in […]

What Are 5 Pen Drive Advantages?

Pen Drive Advantages

Versatile and essential in the day-to-day of an office, pen drives are also a great gift option for your customers and suppliers. Here in this article, we will discuss the 5 Pen Drive Advantages. Look in your office drawers: it’s very likely that in one of them, you’ll find a flash drive. This practical and […]

How to choose the Best Laptop (2021)?

How to choose the Best Laptop 2021

Laptop computer prices vary based on several factors; know what features to look for to choose the ideal machine for your needs. How to choose the best laptop for business use? The answer to this question is quite broad, as a number of factors need to be considered. In addition to technical specifications, brand, design, […]

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Over the last decade, a concept has become widely popular and has been repeated by thousands of people: the Internet of Things (IoT). In a world where the number of connected devices is increasing, the trend is for this term to become even broader. After all, what is the internet of things? To explain in […]

Why is the Keyboard not in Alphabetical Order?

You might have a lot of questions like: why are keyboards not in abc order? why aren’t keyboards in alphabetical order? why aren’t the letters on a keyboard in alphabetical order? All of these questions have the same answer. In this blog, I will try to provide a good explanation to answer these questions. Standard […]

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Technologies that can be used to Digitalize Schools

Digitalization of Schools

Digitalization of Schools: Educators from all levels now adopt the importance of digital schools. There have been no changes in the traditional school system for years, but that pandemic situation changes the whole trend. The digital transformation of schools is now the headline that positively impacts the students and the teachers. Digital transformation of the […]