What are some websites that teach coding for free?

coding for free

Coding is the way to change your future in today’s era. It helps to grow fast and is good for the betterment of your career. But if you are a beginner, then you want to learn for free. Fortunately, many websites teach coding for free, and they make you an expert from scratch.

When you want to learn to code but don’t know where to start, these free websites give you a kickstart. They make your start easy, and you will move towards growing fastly.

There is a considerable number of websites that offer free courses for beginners to learn to code. So here I will share some fantastic websites that teach coding for free.

So let’s begin.


Udemy is a global platform that offers a beautiful platform for a beginner to learn various skills. Coding is also one of them. There are hundreds of courses on Udemy that anyone can choose according to their level of coding.

Every coding course has a significant number of reviews, so it helps to choose the better course. It is easy to access the free courses over Udemy to analyze or compare the ratings. But it is a fact that the quality of coding varies a lot on Udemy.


Codecademy is also a vast resource to learn to code. They have a variety of programs like language, web development, and many more. But Codecademy has entirely free access for the learners. They also have paid plans, but it is essential to use the accessible trails and check your skills.

Coding is a vast field, so it is essential to clear yourself first and decide where you want to start. Codecademy makes coding easy for beginners, so they learn the skill step by step.


EDX is also a global platform that offers different levels of courses from the best universities. It is a fact that they have the best quality courses than any other websites that claim to teach you coding for free.

Edx provides all their courses for free, but you need to invest if you want to have a certificate at the end of the course. However, if you are looking for a quality coding website, then EDX is the best choice.


Udacity has selective courses, but their content is best for beginners. They have various courses to teach the beginners like programming, app development, basic programming, and many more.

Courses on Udacity are free, so it is a great platform to learn coding or programming at zero budget. Every course on Udacity has lectures, quiz exercises so students will learn more effectively.


If you are an extreme beginner and don’t know about coding, then Coursera is the best place for you. Coursera has professional courses ranging from beginners’ level to expert level.

The university professors create many courses on Coursera, so they give you authentic training in relevant fields. Moreover, all the courses are freely accessible on Coursera, but you need to pay if you want to get the certificate at the end of the course. Certificate payment also opens new content that helps you to learn more related to coding.

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