What makes Math easy for some and hard for others?

What makes Math easy for some and hard for others?

Everyone has different capabilities to tackle maths problems. Some find it comfortable, but it is very demanding for others. In other words, this subject is easy for some and hard for others. (History of Math)

Math is a subject that requires a lot of practice and patience to learn. Once your concept in maths is clear, there is nothing hard or complicated in it. It is the subject that also has incorporations in other courses like physics and chemistry.

So here we discuss both categories of people who find it challenging and easy with reasons.

So let’s start.

Reasons why this subject is so hard

  • Many of us prepare our minds that it is hard, as some may tell that it is complicated.
  • Some teachers unintentionally make it hard for the students because they are not always able to clear their students’ concepts.
  • Many people find it difficult because they are weak readers. So they are unable to find the hidden concepts in a math textbook.
  • It requires more understanding of nature because it has many abstract concepts.
  • Many people just don’t like math due to no reason. So if you don’t have any interest in this subject, try to invest more time in it to develop the claim.
  • Everyone faces a hurdle in math learning. So it would help if you had the proper tutoring for the understanding. Some of us find those guides, but some may fail to have that.
  • If you have learning problems, then you may find it hard. You may call it cognitive limitations. It requires more time to learn this subject.
  • Many of us have a myth that math is easy for men but difficult for women. It does not have any reality. But it may develop the misconception in minds that make maths hard on them.
  • We start learning it at the age of school or kindergarten. But your parents need to expose it to you before this age. In this way, you don’t find it difficult.
  • Many people find math hard because they learn the concept but don’t practice. Math is all about practice again and again until you have a firm grip.

Reasons why math is easy for some

Nobody is perfect in math at the first stage. Everyone finds it difficult initially, but many reasons make math easy for many people.

  • Math is an on-hand subject that requires practice. Make a habit of practicing daily for math. Practice makes math easy for you to have all the concepts clear.
  • Start solving the problematic examples of your textbook by clearing the concept. You may have the wrong answer, or you may get discouraged. But it will help you in a better way as you have all the ideas clear by using your mind. Don’t start solving the questions by looking at the answer first.
  • People who start maths by clearing basic concepts will find maths easier as they grip all the major and minor ideas.
  • Many have the practice to write down all the formulas instead of learning. Once you write something by hand, you will memorize it for a longer time. So they find maths easy by keeping all the formulas in their minds.


Math is hard for some, but it is also easy for others. It would help if you did practice more and more. There is nothing hard in math, but it requires tricks and practice to make it easy. Check out more articles related to stem topics by clicking here.

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